Jul 29, 2009

Prints In Between

Item: Sandwiched Prints

Colours: Denim (Dark Blue) / Canvas (Orange) sold to grace


NOW: RM40 (free shipping)

Jul 17, 2009

Pocket Tissue Holder

Item: Pocket Tissue Holder

Colours: Black Sakura/ Rainbow Checks/ Big Petals/ Scattered Flowers/ Freshie Blue/ Stormy Purple


Jul 7, 2009

Rose Season

Item: Mini Tote & Tissue Paper Holder

Measurement for Mini Tote (lay flat):
base width: 15.5cm
opening width: 22cm
height: 15.5cm

Colours: Dark Pink & Roses

We think it'll make a lovely gift for a girl friend ;)


NOW: RM27 (free shipping)

Picnic or Beach?

Item: Spacious Tote

Measurement (lay flat):
base width: 31cm
opening width: 45cm
height: 31cm

Colours: Brown leaves

Canvas tote with lots of space!


NOW: RM50 (free shipping)