May 29, 2009

Eating Bento with Geisha

Since the sun is so warm today, we thought "why stay in the office for lunch!" :)

The gurlfrenz & I decided to head to the park & enjoy our Bento.
Packed lunch in a Geisha & Sakura print bag ... am feeling so Japanese today. It'll be more lovely if there's Sushi.

Item: Geisha Bento tote

Measurement (lay flat):
width of round base: 13cm
height: 20.5cm

Colours: Navy blue with Geisha & Sakura print sold

Lovely tote to put your lunchbox, or wallet & handphone when u're heading out for lunch
Fully lined inside


Fancy an English Tea Party?

Item: English Tea

Measurement (lay flat):
width: 28cm
height: 16.5cm

Colours: Printed roses & plain peach

Clutch with 2 pockets, both fully lined inside
Rose print flap with button loop & frills


NOW: RM38 (free shipping)

May 26, 2009

Dottie & Checks

Item: Handy Pouch

Measurement (lay flat):
opening: 20.5cm
bottom width: 23.5cm
height: 16.5cm

Colours: Polka Pink / Checkered Green

Pouch with zip opening & button as deco, fully lined inside


May 23, 2009

Coin Purse

Item: Coin Purse (yellow roses)

Measurement (lay flat):
opening: 11cm
bottom width: 7.5cm
height: 10cm

Hand embroidered roses design on purse


Room for Joey (the baby kangaroo)

Item: Room for Joey

Measurement (lay flat):
length: 29.5cm
height: 21cm
width: 11cm
strap: 36cm

Hand embroidered roses design on front pocket compartment


NOW: RM38 (free shipping)

Envelope Clutch with Bow

Item: Envelope Clutch

Measurement (lay flat):
opening: 22cm
bottom width: 25.5cm
height: 15.5cm

Colours: dark pink sold / light pink sold / green


May 22, 2009

Mini Preview (updating...)

May 20, 2009